GoDaddy SuperBowl Ads, PR smarts

As soon as I thought of Superbowl Ads I was thinking of ones that I loved and ones that I hated. The ones I disliked prevailed my thoughts though. There’s nothing like sitting down in front of a TV to enjoy a football game, eating your Doritos, drinking your Pepsi Max and leaving with a bad taste in your mouth from icky commercials.

The GoDaddy ads advertise their product, domain name purchasing services, within the first few seconds. Within the last few moments of it you are bombarded by sexual imagery. Like every great commercial they star beautiful women, and at the end they wrap things up by women illuding to ripping their clothes off. Though they are fully covered up, GoDaddy capitalizes upon the shock value of such acts.

Surprisingly enough, while I was combing through Superbowl ads past I saw one of the tell tale “sex sells” GoDaddy ads, and as I worked my way to watching the second I was surprised by what I found.

This ad addresses the problems that PR personel and others working for the GoDaddy company are probably hearing about on a daily basis. TOO HOT FOR TV! It not only presents the problem, but then as though taking a stand by their advertising ingenuity, slap viewers in the face by doing it again! The star of the commercial makes an “attempt” to tear off her clothes again, sticking to the same guns as the ads of the past.